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Alone For The Holidays. 8 Holiday, Self-Care, Spirited, Pick Me Ups.

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Whether you are missing family, a romantic relationship, or your friends it is important to remember, especially this holiday, that you are never alone when you have you. Some of you are rolling your eyes and saying, a”Argghhhh. But it’s true, find self-love this holiday season and avoid the holiday blues.

How can you take care of you this season so that you avoid the holiday blues? Here are 8 holiday self-care, spirited, pick me ups.

Baking, Spirits, Bright

There is a plethora of online cooking classes out there but during this unique time you can find many holiday themed cookie decorating, baking, and cocktail making classes and events on offer as well. Make new holiday traditions with virtual cookie baking, ginger bread house decorating, and holiday themed cocktail making classes. These can also be fun party ideas for you and your friends and family who are separated from each other this holiday. So copy, create, or join what’s already been organized for you.

When searching for holiday themed cooking classes try starting with your local community center and mall websites for low cost or free online events. Connecting with your local community events can help you feel more connected locally, and who knows you may meet some new friends that you could actually see around IRL. Also, checkout some of your favorite retail brands like Williams Sonoma, Nordstrom, who have virtual classes you may want to checkout. You can also find holiday event listings like these here on EventBrite.

Surround Yourself With Cheer

Decorating is a vital component to filling your holiday with cheer and raising your spirits. Get out your lights, inside and out, bring in a tree, hang the wreaths, burn apple cinnamon candles, and bring to life all the nature this season has to offer. Use the sights and sounds of nature to help ground you and fill you with warmth. Make the decorating fun, share it with friends or family during a virtual tree decorating session. Putting up twinkle lights inside around your living room area not just on the tree adds a special cozy, romantic holiday, touch to your evenings. However you decide to decorate, go big, make it your own, and take your time to enjoy it. Sometimes we get in such a rush to get the decorations up we take little joy in the actual act of decorating. Make sure this year that you slow it down and be present in the moment as you make your merry.

Gifting Old School With A Twist

Just because you may not be gathering with family, friends or coworkers this holiday doesn’t mean you can’t have a gift exchange. Designate one person to put all the names with the corresponding address folded up in a hat. Then have that same person address envelopes to each individual in the hat.This person will then draw a name from the hat and drop it in an envelope without looking. When you receive your envelope simply shop for that person under the gifting guidelines you’ve all decided on and mail their package to them. For the grand finale, you could choose to select a day to get together and open your presents virtually to see what everyone got.

For a non-traditional white elephant, you could try a digital gift exchange. Have each person select a random and obscure business from which they will purchase a gift certificate for a predetermined amount. Have one person take the list of participant names and draw numbers for each out of a hat. Start a group chat or email and let everyone know the assigned numbers. The first person will text/email the group member who’s gift he thinks he wants and that person will reveal their gift card (preferably with representative image, GIF, or emoji to keep it fun). Then you can allow people to steal or select a new gift with whatever regular white elephant rules you want to play by. At the end, each person emails their gift card to the lucky recipient.

If you don’t feel like group gifting this year, simply put more thought into each gift you give this year. Since we can’t be there in person the thought counts so much more. Add those personal touches, take care in wrapping, and make sure your card is sincere. Another way to keep busy and feel connected with your loved ones is to make your gifts. Put all that crafting you’ve been learning to good use and make it uber personal this year.

Send A Letter To Santa

You may have lost touch with the magic of Christmas as you’ve grown up. However, if you can believe in The Law of Attraction, vision boarding, affirmations, and the like, why not believe in the magic of Santa Clause. Putting your wishes into written form and sending them into the universe at worst costs you the price of a stamp. At best, could help you receive the things you’ve been wanting for yourself all year. If you’re really ready to embrace the spirit of Santa write yourself a letter back and follow these instructions to have it sent back post marked from the North Pole. This is also lots of fun and super sneaky for your to do for your little kiddos. Plus who doesn’t like to receive hand written letters these days.




ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Speaking of the joy a written letter can bring, why not send a letter instead of a card to everyone you know and love. Sending a personalized letter is a great way to share some holiday cheer. Many people add an annual update to their holiday cards but how often do you get a personalized hand written letter anymore, let alone at the holiday time. So, get out that fancy stationary you were gifted last year and spread your cheer.

Winter Wardrobe

Incorporate holiday cheer into your wardrobe this month. Break out your sweaters, scarfs, and hats. This is also a fun time wear sparkly make-up and nails. Nordstrom is hosting a couple of Holiday Glam Up events, among others. You can also find some holiday make-up events and so much more at EventBrite. Event or not, showing up in style even if its just on Zoom will not only help you feel the spirit but also bring the cheer to others as well. Break out the colors your ordinarily not in the mood to wear. Crack yourself and others up by wearing your ugly Christmas sweaters randomly throughout the week. You can even come up with a color or theme for each week to make it more fun. Challenge yourself to wear something in the spirit of the holidays each day of December.

Explore the decor

I’ve seen different cities are organizing drive-by or walk-by holiday decoration nights. This may already be a part of your holiday tradition or something you did back in the day, but it's definitely a tradition worth bringing back and plus its Covid safe. Plan to explore your area via vehicle or on foot, whatever makes you feel most safe. Checkout your cities or neighbors decorations and light displays. Play holiday music in your car, or headphones if you’re walking, to add a little caroling to the mix. Seeing how your community and neighbors all come together to celebrate the holiday will give you the festive warm and fuzzies.

Binge holiday movies

I don’t know about you but it doesn’t feel like the holiday season to me unless the Hallmark channel (actually Hallmark Movies Now since I don't have cable) is playing non stop. Nights, and weekends are strictly holiday movie binge time. Netflix is even getting into the mix with their own holiday movie creations. Many Hallmark and Hallmark type movies can be found on Hulu and even YouTube so you have many options available. Then you’ve got your classics, It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, and Miracle on 34th Street. You’ve also got the newer classics like the Home Alone series, Die Hard, Elf, and I’ve even known people who classify Gremlins as a holiday move. Share your holiday favorites new and old in the comments below.

Shop for yourself

While binging holiday movies is among my favorite holiday traditions, I will have to say shopping for myself and dropping gift hints to others is definitely my absolute fave. Don’t feel guilty for splurging on yourself. More than likely there’s at least one thing you want more than need and you don’t get for yourself because you think it costs too much or is too wasteful, unnecessary, or frivolous. Well guess what, you know you best and you probably underestimate your worthiness of said gift, so in the spirit of the holiday, why not hook yourself up with something nice? Let me know your secret indulgent gift wish list below in the comments.

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