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Press Release: Happiness Ever After Announces the Happiness Everyday Challenge: 10 Mins of Happiness Coaching a Day for 21 Days to Make Happiness a Habit

March 20, 2021

Belmont, CA

Happiness Every After LLC (HEA), the Happy Coach, is proud to announce their first completely virtual, 21-day coaching program. This program is being released on YouTube starting April 5th, 2021 and daily thereafter for 21 days. Each video features 10-minute happiness coaching including a daily affirmation, meditation, and journaling. The 21 days is in reference to the theories of Dr. Maxwell Maltz and psychologist Jeremy Dean authors of Psycho-Cybernetics and Making Habits, Breaking Habits respectively. Happiness Ever After is hoping to make happiness a habit for all who seek it out. HEA has been working to expand their coaching beyond the traditional 1-on-1 or group coaching session model. November 2020, they launched their monthly Happy Box which delivers subscribers a self-coaching program including an overview, weekly worksheets, and tools like journals and crystals and goodies like candles, charms, and other happy things.

“I am beyond grateful for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Zoom which have enabled coaches, and many others in the service industry, to continue to conduct business during this crazy COVID time. It is with these amazing tools that I am able to offer my coaching services for free for 21 days to entice as many people as I can into a healthy happiness routine,” quoted Heather Vargas, Founder and Head Coach of HEA.

The challenge is being held completely online and includes free content across multiple social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Zoom. The content will remain available online in perpetuity. The theme for the Happiness Everyday Challenge is Unlock Your Dreams. “Each day you participate in the challenge is another day you put yourself first and work on unlocking your dreams. I wanted to create a way for people to try out coaching without the fear of commitment or concern over the cost and this challenge is the best way I could think to do that,” remarked Heather.

How it Works:

Starting on April 5th, 2021 HEA will release Day 1, a 10-minute coaching video on YouTube. This video will include an overview of the day’s goal, a daily affirmation, 5-minute guided meditation, and 1-2 minutes of journaling on which she will prompt the audience with questions relating to the day’s topic. To receive daily video reminders, you can subscribe on their Happiness Everyday web page which serves as a nice hub for all event related content, however, neither subscription nor purchase is required to participate in this challenge.

In addition to the daily YT videos, HEA will be releasing multiple posts a day on Instagram incorporating Reels, videos, and quotes as well adding to their event board on Pinterest. Lastly, challenge participants are invited to attend a Live virtual kickoff meeting via Zoom on April 2, 2021 at 9:00am PST. RSVP here.

No participation fee, or entry obligations apply. Challenge members can choose to seek out the content individually on each channel, or they can choose to go all in and subscribe across all channels.

About Happiness Ever After LLC
Happiness Ever After, the Happy Coach, has been bringing happiness to as many individuals as possible on a daily basis since 2018. In the last year twelve months they have gone from a vision board kit company to a personal coaching, self-coaching, and happiness store. Their mission is to help as many people find happiness today and ever after.

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