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Get Started Vision Boarding

Before you start taking glue to poster board, read this introduction to vision boarding.

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Vision boarding or dream boarding is a popular way of setting your intentions and manifesting your destiny. If you’ve never heard of a vision board and this all sounds like a bunch of ”who ha,” as the old folks say, then think of it like a big collage of lifestyle images, a vision if you will, of how you want your life to look. As human beings we are rarely content with the life we have so I like to think of vision boarding as the pursuit of happiness ever after.

As I have been making my own vision boards since High School and professionally selling my custom designed kits for 2 years now I feel very confident in calling myself am a vision board expert. As such, I want to share some of my tips with yawl so that you can learn from my mistakes and get the most from your boards every time. I can honestly say that I have always gotten everything I’ve ever truly wanted in life. However, it rarely turns out as I had intended, which brings us to our first tip, narrowing your focus.

Narrow Your Focus

By way of example, I once upon a time wished for a child. I had hoped to have a husband and a family and the lot to go with it. Instead I got the beautiful baby girl, a part time dad, and no husband. Wah, wah, and no worries, because I wouldn’t change a thing. I got exactly what I wanted, what I pictured but nothing else.

Me And My Vision

The picture of your life goals must be complete and it must be specific to reach your highest level of happiness. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made is trying to put too much on one board. That is, from a life topic standpoint. When you spread your focus too thin by adding too many types of imagery (i.e. houses, weddings, career, money, kids, a dog, etc.) you may notice that one of the least prioritized goals may be achieved or the outcome may be diluted or misconstrued. In the family example I should have either looked at the end goal in pieces (man, wedding, baby), or painted the whole picture of a family.

Before you begin creating your vision board, think about what you want to prioritize as the focus of your energy for the next few weeks.

Some of the common topics people choose are money, career, family, love, health, and travel. I recommend that for each board you stick one or two categories of focus. I also recommend you start with one of the most important goals first. That way you can harness all of your energy into making more of an impact on your happiness from the start. In other words, don’t wait to be your most happy?

Go With Your Gut

Now that you have chosen the goal you want to focus on you can select the images for your board. If you haven’t purchased a kit you will need to acquire magazines and/or head online to find imagery that matches your goal. Whichever path you choose to go, you need to collect as many images as you can that give you a clear picture of the future goal you would like to achieve. This is your opportunity to set big intentions for a grand future. When selecting images, the sky’s the limit. This is indeed a vision board after all. If it seems too unobtainable or scary then you’re heading in the right direction.

On your first pass, pull all of the images that make you feel something or trigger some sort of response inside.

Love Board Images

Plot the Course

Take all of the selected images from your first pass and start organizing them and prioritizing them. Sort your images into piles: definite, maybe, only if there’s room.

Select the images from the definite pile and start arranging them on your board. You may want to group them by category creating sections within the board.

Move on to the next pile and repeat until the board looks full. If you have too many images, choices will need to be made. This is all part of the process and why it works.

Once you have all the images placed it is time to secure them to the board. Add any stickers and write on any additional phrases or intentions you want to take to heart this month.

See the Future

Select a location in your home or office that you actively pass by every day and place your board prominently in that location. Make a point of stopping for a few seconds at least once a day to study the board.

As you acknowledge the images each day, remember the intentions and life goals behind them. Also remember to show gratitude for the gifts you have received each day and recognize progress made toward your vision each day, week, month, and so on.

Put in the Work

Setting intentions are the start of it all and the first step to getting where you want to go in life. It is pretty hard to get what you want in life if you don’t start by recognizing what it is you truly desire. However, like anything worth having in life it takes work.

Great, so now you’re thinking, how do I work on my vision board after I work to put the stupid thing together. You mean it isn’t just magic voodoo? I create the board and make a wish or a prayer or whatever and then my life gets better, right? Umm, No. Maybe for some or maybe once in a while you may get thrown a bone but from my experience this is not the case.

The reason a vision board works is because it makes you think about how YOU can make YOUR life better. More importantly, what you think would help you feel like your life is better or what will bring you more happiness. When you make a collage of all the things that make you happy and look at it day in and day out for a period of time you start changing the way you make decisions based on that foreseen happy future state. Conscience awareness of your life goals sets you on the path to achieving your happiness ever after.

It is possible that you will see changes daily or that you may make big progress quickly and then things may slow down. This may mean you need to make adjustments in just a short period of time.

Due to the nature of vision boarding, not only will you accomplish more, you may realize you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing. You may find that what you thought you wanted isn’t exactly as it seemed.

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