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Gratitude Spotlight 2: Love is Tangible

Greetings Happy Reader! Welcome back to the Gratitude Spotlight. I started this blog series to highlight other women with businesses in the health and wellness industry. I took a break to work on some other projects but I recently met a woman who inspired me to pick up where I left off.

Please meet Diana Yates, founder of tangibles,, positive affirmations for everyday spaces. Both Diana and her company are just that, a physical representation of love. Having met her through Insta, I was skeptical that our initial conversation would go much farther than that. However, within the first five minutes I knew I was speaking with a genuinely kind and loving person and I had to learn more. Diana founded tangibles an affirmation sticker company to help people stop and think. To help people not feel so alone in the world. To let people know they matter and that somebody cares. It sounds so simple a quick note to self right where you need it when you need it most. Diana says, “affirmations give you a reminder to pause before acting and having them sit right where your trigger points live is all the more impactful.” It has been suggested by the scientist and behavioral care providers that self-affirmation reminds people of important aspects of the self, enabling them to view events from a reasonable, considered, and rational viewpoint

(Psychology Today: To Affirm or Not Affirm?, 2017 Sherman DK et al, 2011).

Originating from her own personal battle with an eating disorder, Diana used Post-it note affirmations around her apartment in college to keep her from binging when she had decided enough is enough. She says those little reminders, strategically placed around her home caused her to stop just long enough to think about what she was doing and make more of a conscious decision. Taking such a life altering event and turning it into such a positive platform for mental health is a gift not all of us are afforded. I appreciate Diana and her drive which gives her a larger platform to reach more individuals and share the positivity.

Don’t underestimate the kindness for weakness or lack of business acumen. Diana comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and as a B school grad with many years of professional marketing experience in her back pocket she is as savvy as she is kind. She plans to take tangibles to a broader platform with corporate employee appreciation, value development, and expanding into the non-profit sector with messaging and support for youth at crises. I personally support Diana’s mission to spread love and self worth with as many people as possible and I look forward to collaborating with her on our Happy Box Monthly program and beyond. We may be halfway across the country from each other but I feel a kinship in my heart for what she’s creating and I believe with more people like Diana in the world the future of humanity is looking brighter every day.

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