Terms of Service

All memberships are valid in perpetuity until canceled. Cancellation is subject to the terms of the cancellation policy. Membership charges auto renew/auto charge monthly until canceled per the cancellation policy. 

Cancellation policy
To cancel, Login and navigate to the cancel button under Settings or send an email to info@happinessevrafter.com. You must send your cancelation request at least 10 days prior to your next billing date to guarantee cancellation prior to the next billing cycle.

Session Cancelation Policy
Session are scheduled with consideration of client and coaches calendars. A 24 hour notice is required (email, text, voice message) to cancel or reschedule a session or the session will be forfeited for the week/month. Best efforts will be made by the coach to reschedule appointments with proper notice. No refunds for sessions cancelled outside the 24 hour window

All billing disputes/discrepancies should be sent to info@happinessevrafter.com for consideration.

Email: info@happinessevrafter.com

Call or Text: (650)332-4543

Belmont, CA, US

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