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Live Like a Sapling: Resolve to Grow This New Year

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

“What????? You’re a sapling.”

Live Like A Sapling

But seriously though, who couldn’t use a little self nurturing this New Year. Trees need a few basic elements to help them grow and be fruitful. A baby tree needs to be fed, weeded, pruned, and protected in order to reach its maximum potential and stay strong for years to come.

In this coming year, I think it is going to be more important than ever for us to take care of ourselves like the saplings of life that we are. It’s that time of year again to start taking stock. Where have we been? Where are we headed now? Where do we want to go?

If you’re 100% on the right track, I applaud you and dismiss you from reading any further. If you are like the rest of us that live in constant FOMO and concern that we’re definitely missing out on our best life, read on.

Search For Guidance

1. Set Your Base

Define your core values. Before we can put ourselves first we need to believe we are worth it. The first step to putting yourself first is to dig into your confidence and work on building your base or growing your sapling roots. Without a strong root system the tree will fall, as in life, if you don’t set your core value system as a basis for all decision making then you can get distracted and fall.

2. Grow Your Roots

Feed into things that feed your values. Find outlets for your new positive growth. Once you become aware of your new found confidence you should have an easier time identifying things that support your roots. Often times we find ourselves doing and saying things we don’t really mean or believe, things that don’t support our values. This can be because we think they’re what other people want to hear or expect is to say.

As young adults we might start doing this to fit in or spare someone’s feelings. As we get older we may find ourselves lost as to who we truly are after all this time. Taking this opportunity to be more awake and aware of our words and actions will help us grow strong moral roots.

Tree Of Life

3. Protect and Defend Your Root System

Get your life in order and stick to your values. Evaluate the people and activities in your life now against your values and vision. If they don’t measure up, weed them out to free your path.

Defend your standards against new people and things that are not in alignment with your goals. Once you spend all the time eliminating words and actions that no longer support you it is extremely important not to sucked back into elements that lead you away from your newly defined path. Now I’m not implying that you should stop listening and showing compassion for others. I’m saying there is a safe distance you can do so from that allows you to be there for others without compromising your root system. Bad apples however do spoil the bunch so tough decisions may need to be made and this step overall can prove itself to be the hardest.

4. See The Sun Through The Trees

Remain optimistic through it all to drive home your dreams. Most importantly of all the steps is to surround your beautiful new tree with sunshine and light. Positive people, positive words, and positive imagery support your work in this final step. This is where you may need to fake it until you make it especially if you don’t consider yourself an optimistic person. Creating this environment all around you in crafting vision boards, the music you listen too, shows you watch, and people you hang with will be crucial to your successful growth.

If we don’t set our worth, how can we expect others to respect our boundaries and value their relationships with us. Once we do this and put it out there and nurture it in a positive light you begin living your best life and pursuing your happiness ever after.

Be the tree and you will be free.

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