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Create Your Own Luck

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

What is luck? Is luck something you’re born with, something that comes to you when you’re good, or something that you work hard to achieve? The thing is, there is no luck in the traditional sense of the word. Luck is something you create because you put your life on track to achieve its greatest purpose. When you are on the path to achieving your dreams, your life’s mission, then it will seem like luck is on your side. The hard part is uncovering your truth and unearthing your path. So if you want to create your own luck stop fighting and start listening to your deepest self.

If you’re ready to find your pot of gold at the end of your rainbow follow this four step process to creating your own luck.

Dream Your Dreams

To achieve you must believe. It may seem like a silly childish thing to daydream about what might be. I assure you that it is not. There is reality hidden in your fantasies. When you start getting real with yourself about what it is you enjoy spending time doing you can uncover your soul’s purpose. Sure you may start by thinking what you would do if you had all the money in the world, if you didn’t have to work, you’d think of all the things you would buy, places you would go, restaurants you would eat in. Once you get past that initial excitement though and all of the riches in the world became mundane, what would you do that would make your life worth living? What would fulfill you once all your superficial desires are realized? These are the thoughts that will help you discover your path. If you don’t conjure up a pot of gold how can you get lucky enough to find it? Dream the dream and watch your luck start to change.

Draw Your Treasure Map

Once you identify where you want to go on your life journey you can start laying the foundation for the path that will take you there. Look at the long term goal and what it will take you to realize it. Once you identify your ideal prize it’s time to buy that lottery ticket. You won’t get your hands on the gold if you don’t find the spot marked X. Think of finding your life’s purpose like a secret treasure hunt. You need to have an idea of what is waiting for you at the end to drive you forward with the adventure. Then you need a map. To start your treasure map you need to identify the major milestones that will need to be realized to get you closer and closer to your prize. At this stage it’s important to keep your thoughts high level and remain open. Doubt is a dream killer. For example, let’s pretend you’re life’s purpose is to help people overcome financial disparity. In this case you may need to obtain more education in financial management. You may need experience with running non-profits, and working with the government. These are all major long term milestones. Each of these tasks in and of themselves may seem overwhelming but you can’t let that stop you. Just lay out the map in chronological order, if necessary, then stay open minded so that luck can show you the way.

Walk Your Walk

Once you set your big picture path it’s time to take the first step. Continuing with the example of helping people overcome financial disparity, assume you have been sitting with your map and your beautiful treasure in mind for a short while. Before you make any moves toward your milestones, you may start seeing ads for the licensing or certifications that you will need. You may start hearing people talking about the welfare system or their debtors and how they are suffering financially. If you have found your true calling luck will start to appear and show you that you are on the right track. Now it is time to look at your map and your first milestone and take your first step toward achieving your goal. In our example, that may be signing up for your financial management classes or a certification program. Stay focussed on the first step and getting into your program try not to think of how long it will take or how many more steps are left. Remember if this is your path luck will be on your side, things will happen quickly and more easily.

Let The Signs Light Your Path

As you are following the treasure map you’ve laid out and you’re working toward your milestones make sure your eyes and ears are open for confirmation. Just like I said you would start to see things that mirror your end goal once you decide what it is, you will also find little bits or good or bad luck along the path as well. Pay attention to these hints. Just because you run into a patch of bad luck it doesn’t mean your end goal is wrong but it may mean you need to course correct. If you have felt like most of your life has been bad luck perhaps you have been on someone else’s path. Perhaps you have been listening to your various influencers (mom, dad, friends, coworkers, Insta, FB, etc.) and ignoring your inner voice. Things don’t have to be difficult to be right. It’s quite the opposite in fact. When things are right you will find it is easier to move forward. It is only when you start to question yourself and your path that difficulties arise. It is when you start forcing things into your life that deep down you know aren’t good for you that you hit rough patches. All of those hiccups are still okay though because they are all part of your beautiful journey. Every bump in the road teaches you a valuable lesson about yourself and others. Bad luck is a state of mind and if you look at it as a tool rather than an hindrance you will have a much more comfortable journey on your path to your pot of gold. To finish off our example of starting financial management classes to gain a finance degree, let’s say your first semester you don’t get all of the classes you want and you’re forced to take some obscure niche class that doesn’t fit with your end goal. Say you take this strange course and you love it, or the teacher is a great resource for you, or one of your classmates has contacts in nonprofit management. Initially it may seem like nothing good will come from this class, it may look like a detour to you at first. If you look closely, it may just be your good luck that has sent you there to fasttrack your journey.

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Happy dreaming my lovelies, until we meet again, take care.

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