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Gratitude Spotlight 1: Nutrition and Clean Living

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Over the next few months, I will be interviewing friends of mine who have struck out on their own to create businesses that support the pursuit of health, happiness, and self-love and care. No amount of formal education can properly prepare you for all that it takes to a new business off the ground. As I’ve been working through my own struggles, I’ve been watching my friends on Instagram all going it alone as well. I feel very strongly that recognizing the importance of showing gratitude for all that you have and to those that have helped you along the way. As the instigator that I am I thought, “why are we all doing this alone? Can’t we do it alone, together and help each other promote our businesses?” So here I am, highlighting these beautiful business beings, showing gratitude toward them for putting all this goodness into the universe. As happiness is my game, my focus for each spotlight will be on sharing how each person’s business brings happiness, health, and fulfillment to their clients and themselves. And away we go...

My beautiful, amazing, naturally gifted friend Cathy has conquered personal and professional boundaries. She has been a mentor and advocate for women in business, always pushing herself and others outside of their comfort zones in pursuit of her passion. She put herself through a rigorous certification program while working full time in a demanding national manager position. She has fought with doctors and other health professionals in her quest to help heal her best friend and then only child. After many years of struggles and challenges, and education from books and programs, trial and error, she is now an expert in nutrition for wellness and longevity. I say it that way because of my own journey, I now know that food is medicine. We, quite literally, are what we eat. However, what works for me is unique to me. Cathy realizes that everyone’s diet is specific to them and that is what makes her special, what sets her apart from the countless nutritionists out there.

Grilled Veggies

As a newly converted (going on year two) plant based eater and personal trainer, I believe in the benefits of a clean diet. I’m also an advocate for nourishing oneself and self love. I know all of the excuses for not spending time, money, or energy on yourself. I’ve made them and I’ve heard them more times over. The bottom line comes down to lack of the right motivational factor and/or fear of failure. This is why I fully endorse working with professionals like Cathy to make the journey toward health and wellness as easy as possible.

Holy Mole!

Give yourself a break, deciding to begin a new diet program is not easy. You will be eating (cooking) foods we’re not used to, changing our diet routines, and generally depriving ourselves. Denying ourselves anything in any way is one of the hardest things to do. Of course, this is the wrong way to look at pursuing clean healthy eating habits. Change your mindset, change your approach. You’re treating yourself with only the cleanest, freshest, most naturally beautiful tasting foods. You’re giving yourself longevity and youthfulness and life. When you approach your diet in this manner you may wind the motivation and will to keep it up, push through the hard parts, boredom, and bad days.

If you really want to take care of yourself, I highly recommend working with a professional like Cathy who can help you make a plan, provide you with a customized program and work with you to adjust as needed. If you don’t put yourself first, no one else will. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be here to take care of others. If you can make the choice to prioritize yourself and work with a wellness professional there is no one I trust more than McCann Wellness.

Cathy has been my friend and mentor for close to 15 years. Cathy struck out on her own first as a life coach which evolved into a functional nutritionist and wellness coach primarily for women in or approaching their mid-life. Interestingly enough Cathy began her pursuit of nutrition education after her best friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Shortly after that news, her teenage daughter became severely auto-immune. Her diet was quite literally crippling her. If there is anyone that deserves gratitude for all her efforts it is this woman.

I am so grateful for Cathy in my life and I appreciate her and her efforts to help others achieve their peak of health. Cathy has put her heart, soul, and many educational hours into her new profession and for this reason alone she cannot fail. Contact her for your free health strategy call today,, you’ve got nothing to lose and a longer healthier life to gain.

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