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Get happy with Happy Box! Happiness coaching in a box. Themed monthly with proven methodologies, program guide, worksheets, fun tools, and gifts. Start your month anytime and work your way to happiness.


This box's theme is "Anxiety”


This month's box includes:

  • Adult coloring book and colored pencils
  • Monthly program with affirmations, journal topics, checklist, meditation topics, diet and exercise recommendations, and self-care activities
  • Inspirational journal and pen
  • Amethyst - charged with calming energy and stress relief
  • Tangibles brand - affirmation stickers
  • Surprise gift
  • Happy Box sticker
  • Free shipping


If you'd like to get started on a happiness program with monthly box delivery of everything listed here plus a monthly coaching letter, and monthly 50 min group coaching session sign-up here for only $49.99/month.


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