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Certified Happiness Life Coach

Only you have the power to unlock your happiness, you just have to be brave enough to go looking for the key.


~Heather Vargas 

Founder & Head Coach

At Happiness Ever After we are all about helping others in their pursuit of happiness. We believe that happiness is something that can be achieved over and over again. We also know that as delicate as it is, happiness is journey worth taking. T

I started Happiness Ever After through my own personal pursuit of happiness. It all began with vision board kits.Since then it has evolved and keeps evolving with self help happiness coaching programs, personal coaching programs, blogs, videos, and other happy making content. 

Heather Vargas


"In no particular order."

Heather is a natural born leader with a background in business and marketing who always dreamed of starting her own business. Heather has an undergraduate degree in business with an emphasis in Marketing from Cal State Fullerton as well as an MBA from Chapman University. In addition to her education, Heather has 15 years of marketing experience,10 of those in corporate sponsorship and event marketing at a global auto manufacturer. 

After becoming a mother Heather decided no career, or job for that matter, was more fulfilling than spending time raising her beautiful little soul, so she began thinking outside the box. Her drive to own her schedule and passion to only work on projects that brought goodness and joy to others, led her to become a two time certified personal trainer (CPT) and five time certified life coach. 


All of the work Heather has done and all of her personal trials and tribulations have made her an expert on happiness and the pursuit thereof. Heather does not sit in misery, she does not make excuses, and she always finds a way to make her dreams come true. That level of determination is what led her to create this happiness coaching business and happiness club. With anything she does Heather is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day and her eternal optimism is beyond impressive. Leveraging all of this experience and natural born talent to help better other's lives is her latest life mission and the motivation behind founding Happiness Ever After.

But this is just the beginning. She is already busy working on the next phase of her happiness project.Stay tuned in to see what's coming next.

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Belmont, CA, US

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